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Betterton Announces Plan to Win AM 2.0 Better Your Best Contest May 7, 2007

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Ultimate Destiny? Who me? You’ve got to be kidding . . .

That would have been my inner conversation a few years ago. Now, after several years of intensive personal development and tens of thousands of dollars invested in training in publishing, marketing, Internet marketing, I am grateful to state that I am living my ultimate destiny by helping others discover and manifest theirs.

Through the training, contacts and relationships that I now enjoy after participating in development training programs such as Mega Book Marketing University (www.ultimatemegabookuniversity.com ), Armand Morin’s Big Seminar (www.ultimatebigseminar.com ) and AM 2.0 Mentoring Program and the Freedom Factor (www.ultimatefreedomfactor.com ), an amazingly talented team of co-creators has been assembled to develop and launch Ultimate Destiny University.

We invite you to consider how our programs, products and services might be helpful to you. In a few weeks, we will announce our plans to create a project that will provide expanded access to empowering resources as we donate up to 100 million dollars worth of training programs over a ten year period to non-profit organizations. The initial concept is described at www.ExpandingTheCircleOfSuccess.org.

We invite you to help us identify the individuals and programs that are helping individuals, companies, non-profit organizations and communities realize more of their potential, fulfill their purpose and achieve more of their ultimate destiny. Please take a tour of www.ultimatedestinyhalloffame.com and cast your vote from one or more of the nominees, or nominate yourself or someone else for recognition.

I decided this day, May 5th of 2007, to use this blog to document the ultimate success of Ultimate Destiny University. Today, I announce my plans to win the AM 2.0 Better Your Best Contest at the October 2007 Big Seminar (www.ultimatebigseminar.com ).

Stay tuned to discover how I do it and how you too can discover the greatness in you, realize more of your potential and achieve your ultimate destiny.